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The Basic Port Security Operations Accessory Package is designed to enhance and optimize the VideoRay Pro 4 ROV System's capabilities for underwater tasks specific to Port Security personnel. VideoRay developed this package based on observed trends and feedback from ROV users in the Defense, Law Enforcement, and SAR industries. 

The Basic Port Security Operations accessory package includes:

»  Pro 4 Plus BASE ROV System

»  115 m (380 ft) of plug-and-play modular tether and the Extended Tether Deployment System, a customized Pelican 1620 case with slip ring and reel

»  BlueView V-90 Multibeam Imaging Sonar, an essential upgrade for low to zero visibility environments where the pilot is forced to navigate and locate targets through sonar alone. The V-90 is delivered with a Pro 4 Integration Kit, including the ROV skid mount, ProViewer software, and all the necessary cables for use on the Pro 4 ROV

»  Hull Crawler which enables the VideoRay ROV to latch onto ship hulls in high current conditions for stable video inspections

»  Manipulator Arm to grab, lift, and recover objects up to 45 kg (100 lb)

»  Radiation Detector to check for presence of gamma radiation and high energy X-Rays

»  Pro 4 Maintenance Kit which includes everything needed to perform basic repairs in the field, including replacement parts, a basic hardware kit and a full set of stainless steel ballast weight rods.

For personnel in need of a more comprehensive port security solution, VideoRay also offers an Advanced Port Security Operations accessory package which adds additional equipment and upgrades several of the options included in this package.

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