August 16, 2017 - VideoRay expands trade-up program, announces Deep Trekker trade-in

New Program sees trends in Norwegian and Chilean Aquaculture trade-in customers

Today, VideoRay announced that another Deep Trekker unit has joined those from SeaBotix, and two other manufacturers in the VideoRay trade-up pool.  While most of these units have been from SeaBotix, more Deep Trekker units are expected – particularly from Norway and Chile aquaculture companies.

“Customers are realizing that price and specs are not the most important factor in selecting tools for daily, demanding work. Customers simply cannot afford to have their systems go down,” said Chris Gibson. “Intuitive control and reliability are crucial, so long as basic capabilities are considered. VideoRay units last months without required maintenance, and most repairs are easy to do in the field.  VideoRay’s support and design expertise keep our customers working – and we expect fleets of less capable vehicles like the Deep Trekker to be replaced with professional units in the next few months.”

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August 2, 2017 – Chilean Special Operations Unit recovers drowning victim using VideoRay Pro 4

Underwater robotic tool locates victim in poor visibility, provides forensic information, and keeps divers safe.

Jean Willie Mercier, 34, a Haitian worker for Césped del Valle in Limache, Chile, had been missing for hours when security camera footage of him walking near a lock with his dog was reviewed.  After he entered a blind spot for the cameras, only the dog remained.  Valparaiso-based special operations group GOPE was tasked with solving the mystery.

GOPE, led by used their VideoRay Pro 4 remotely operated vehicle, equipped with BlueView sonar, to review the 3-meter-deep locks to see if Mr. Mercier had fallen into the murky water. They soon located the victim using sonar, and captured still pictures and video for use by the Homicide Brigade in determining if foul play might be suspected.

Recovery of the remains was done by a GOPE diver, who followed the VideoRay tether to the body, which was illuminated by the robot’s lights.

Back in 2016, Santiago Gutiérrez of Diving Services, a retired navy diver and diving instructor, provided GOPE with a VideoRay Pro 4 with BlueView multibeam sonar, and manipulator. Since acquiring the unit, it has been very effective and reliable, working with its sonar unit in limited visibility to search for hours nonstop. 

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July 19, 2017 - Lindblad Expeditions uses VideoRay Pro 4 IP-65 ROV, finds densest krill population ever seen on one of their expeditions


Lindblad Expeditions deployed a VideoRay Pro 4 on the ROV’s maiden voyage to Svalbard, Norway on May 17, 2017. Onboard the National Geographic Orion, Paul North and Caitlyn Webster, both Undersea Specialists with Lindblad Expeditions and VideoRay Certified Operators, flew the ROV for three different dives during the expedition. On the Pro 4’s second dive, to 540 feet, the group experienced a dense population of krill, the densest ever seen by these Undersea Specialists. Ian Tomcho, expedition equipment specialist for Lindblad Expeditions, commented “We could not see farther than 2 inches in front of the camera. We did not know how close we were to the ocean floor, even while hovering a few feet above it, because of all the krill.” Every evening after a dive, Paul would discuss the footage captured with the guests on the expedition. 

 The crew used the new VideoRay Pro 4 IP-65 Base System. The control panel was engineered to IP-65 standards, perfect for Lindblad’s extreme environment expeditions. Ian explained that Lindblad offers “up close and personal encounters with beauty, wildness and the seldom-seen.”

With the help of their VideoRay Pro 4 ROV, Lindblad found the densest population of krill they had ever witnessed at depth. This discovery will help the scientific community to better understand krill behavior and daily migrations. VideoRay is proud to have their ROVs included in Lindblad’s roster of Tools for Exploration. We are looking forward to future expeditions and many more discoveries.


About VideoRay

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July 14, 2017 – VideoRay ROVs make a splash in education in the Great Lakes

Inland Seas, a non-profit in Michigan, is utilizing a VideoRay ROV to educate children on preserving the Great Lakes. Click here to read the full story!
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