VideoRay's mission has always been to listen intently to our customers and provide them with exactly what they are looking for. We understand that not everyone is in a position to make the investment to own industry-leading ROV equipment and that sometimes you just want someone to provide the VideoRay ROV inspection service for you. We are pleased to announce that we have assembled some of the finest VideoRay ROV operators in the world to be on call for a job when needed.  

The well-equipped and seasoned organizations involved in our VOP (VideoRay Operations Provider) program can be anywhere in the world you need them to complete any job they are called for - from offshore asset inspections to search & recovery - they have seen and done it all with a VideoRay ROV system. They will work with you during the discovery meeting to clearly define the scope of the work, determine the appropriate equipment and resources to meet the objective, and establish a timeline based on previous experience with similar projects.

The best part of this service is that not only will your job be done correctly and on-time, you will receive a product credit towards the purchase of new VideoRay equipment if you should choose to make the investment after the job is complete.

VOP Customer Benefits:

  • The ROV operations job gets done right - on time and on budget - by qualified, authorized VideoRay ROV pilots
  • Our operators are guaranteed to have the right equipment, with appropriate backup, for the job
  • Our operators are fully qualified to pilot, maintain, and repair VideoRay ROV equipment
  • Product credit which can be used towards the purchase of new or refurbished VideoRay ROV equipment.

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