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You might have heard about VideoRay’s Photo Contest in the past, but this year we are also running a video contest! We realize that your VideoRay ROV systems have amazing capabilities to capture photos AND videos, so why not show them off?

The video can be either of your VideoRay working underwater OR a video taken by your ROV. We want to see your ROV in action!

You can submit up to three (3) 10MB video clips for the contest. We will be in contact after the contest should we need the full file. The video can be of the ROV in action or a video taken by the VideoRay. We want to see your ROV in action! Give us a peek into what you do with your ROV.

The Grand Prize for best video is a VideoRay Jacket. The runner-up will receive a VideoRay Fleece. All relevant submissions will receive a VideoRay baseball cap.

All videos submitted will be displayed on www.videoray.com in the "Best of VideoRay 2018" video gallery, with full photo credits and a link back to your respective website, Facebook page, etc. 

VideoRay ROV Video Submission Requirements:

  • Video must include a VideoRay ROV submersible or operator/console (with a VideoRay logo clearly visible if possible)
  • Video must be high resolution (submission can be smaller due to lack of upload size in form. VideoRay will reach out should we need the full-size file)
  • Include a caption that includes video credit, date the image was taken, ROV pilot, and brief mission description
  • If submitter did not take the image, permission and credit from original owner of the content is required
  • Image must be .mp3 or .mp4 format
  • Video must have been recorded in the last year.
  • Must be submitted by December 3, 2018 for consideration