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MARCH 23, 2017 – VideoRay Announces New Dealer in Norway

​Due to popular demand VideoRay has added a second dealer in the Norwegian market - BUVI AS

BUVI AB has a successful VideoRay dealership in Sweden and Finland since 2013. Please join us and welcoming them to the market.

For more information please visit

 See contact information on BUVI AB is also an authorized dealer for VideoRay in Sweden since 2013, and in Finland since 2016.

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MARCH 8, 2017 – ROVX uses VideoRay Pro 4 to Rescue WROV

We received an email from a customer last week who recovered a Work Class ROV using a Pro 4. Here is his story and a great video link.

Resent-From: <>
From: rob stewart 
Date: February 23, 2017 at 10:38:41 GMT+4
To: Info <>
Subject: VideoRay utilisation offshore

Good Morning

Just a quick email to let you know what we did with the VideoRay pro 4 and how happy we are with your product.

The tether parted on the workclass vehicle and they had no means of recovering the vehicle to deck. The project was at a standstill. The client was ready to call in another vessel which was over a 12 hour sail away. Total time would have been maybe 27 hours not to mention the day rate of the vessel that had the stranded ROV. The vessel that they were going to call in was a sat diving vessel which cost in excess of 150K per day. The project manager advised me that by recovering the WROV with the VideoRay this way saved them over £300,000. I think many oil companies would have a system (VideoRay and hook assembly) on stand-by available onboard in case they have a load subsea that they can't recover for whatever reason. The beauty with this set up is that it can still perform very well in high current and low visibility making it ideal for Northsea projects as well as the renewable sectors.

In the video the connection bracket between the VideoRay and hook was made up in 3 hours. I am designing a bracket now to suit the Cosby ROV hook.

See link below and please comment freely on my facebook page and Youtube video. I would appreciate your feedback.

Youtube video link:

Look forward in working with your company in the future.

Best Regards,

Rob Stewart
Managing Director

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MARCH 2, 2017 – Bord Iascaigh Mhara Conducts Seed Mussel Surveys with VideoRay

Bord Iascaigh Mhara, Ireland's Seafood Development Agency conducts Seed Mussel Surveys to assist in the responsible growth of Irish aquaculture. They recently purchased a VideoRay Pro 4 outfitted with BlueView multibeam sonar, and rotating manipulator purchased through TechWorks Marine, VideoRay's dealer in Ireland to assist with this task, providing high resolution images, detailed sonar information, and samples from beds. This equipment replaces expensive divers, and other unreliable ROVs previously used less efficiently and effectively for the same purposes.


Full Article: credit Marine Times News

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FEBRUARY 14, 2017 – Treasure of the Sloop Washington featured in Wreck Diving Magazine

The oldest, full-intact commercial sailing vessel to have been lost and found in the Great Lakes is explored with a VideoRay. Check out the full story in Wreck Diving Magazine.

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VideoRay aids Treasure Hunters on Discovery’s Treasure Quest in finding part of the Incan Treasure of the Trinity

Watch Discovery's Treasure Quest: Snake Island "X Marks the Spot' episode where treasure hunters find an Incan Tumi using a VideoRay Pro 4. The find leads to amazing discoveries. 

Watch Now - Discovery Channel

Treasure of the Trinity

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DECEMBER 15, 2016 – VideoRay remote control over satellite developed for Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) “Seagull” by Elbit Systems

Capability thought to be first time ever for observation class vehicle on USV

In December, technical teams from Elbit Systems of Haifa, Israel and VideoRay LLC of Pottstown, Pennsylvania USA worked together to complete successful tests of a VideoRay Pro 4 vehicle over a satellite link. While remote operation of VideoRay has been accomplished in multiple locations over the last several years, this was the first implementation of this kind over satellite. VideoRay systems have been incorporated as one of several payloads that can be rapidly deployed on Elbit's Seagull USV, extending an impressive range of missions.

Elbit Systems' USV Seagull's MCM (Mine Counter Measure) capability facilitates end-to-end mine hunting operations including detection, classification, localization, identification and neutralization of bottom moored and drifting sea mines while taking the sailor out of the mine field. The VideoRay Pro 4 is the world's most popular ROV; it can dive to 300 meters and work in currents up to 4 knots. It has a large number of available instruments and accessories.

The combination of these two technologies will allow a VideoRay Pro 4 to be deployed anywhere in the world, and controlled from a land site anywhere else in the world.

About VideoRay

VideoRay is the largest volume manufacturer of underwater robots (ROVs – Remotely Operated Vehicles) in the world. With more than 3,700 ROV's in service around the world, VideoRay is the global leader in Observation ROV technology. VideoRay is an extremely versatile, portable, affordable, and reliable solution for underwater operations including surveys, offshore inspections, search & recovery, homeland & port security, science & research, fish farming, and applications in underwater environments. The latest Mission Specialist systems provide solutions for particularly difficult underwater challenges. VideoRay is available on the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule


photo 1:  The Elbit Seagull Unmanned Surface Vessel that was used for this test.
photo 2:  Elbit technicians drive VideoRay Pro 4 over a satellite link from this laboratory.
photo 3:  While the Seagull is designed for autonomous operation, it can also be driven manually.This is the view from the cockpit.

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NOVEMBER 30, 2016 – VideoRay LLC signs Creative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with U.S. Navy, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific)

Agreement fosters close collaboration on development of Mission Specialist technology to meet Navy goals and requirements

VideoRay today announced that, earlier this year, it signed a CRADA with the US Navy. This agreement allows the Navy to work closely with VideoRay to create Modular, Adaptable, Reconfigurable, and Scalable Remotely Operated Vehicles. Due to the nature of the agreement and the missions involved, no further details were provided by either the Navy or VideoRay.

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NOVEMBER 15, 2016 – Police Special Operations Group (GOPE) in Valparaiso, Chile use Underwater Robot Frequently

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) from VideoRay in US finds drowning victims, keeps GOPE divers safe

In 2016, GOPE in Valparaiso, Chile contacted Diving Services for assistance in understanding and obtaining underwater technology to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of their diving operations. These frequently involved locating and recovering drowning victims, in addition to other difficult and hazardous operations. Santiago Gutiérrez of Diving Services, a retired navy diver and diving instructor, was intimately familiar with both the tasks and the technology involved, and provided the best solution, a VideoRay Pro 4 unit with BlueView multibeam sonar, and manipulator for retrieving objects.

Since acquiring the unit, it has been very effective and reliable, working with its sonar unit in limited visibility to search for hours nonstop. Unlike divers, there are no time or depth limits for a dive, and temperature does not affect its operation. The Valparaiso GOPE has been very busy assisting other units throughout the country, demonstrating the use and effectiveness of this technology. While there is just one unit in all of Chile at the moment, additional purchases are in process.

The CEO of VideoRay, Scott Bentley, and sales executive Erick Estrada, recently visited Chile to learn more about how VideoRays are used in that country – where sales of VideoRay ROVs have been particularly strong, mainly for the aquaculture industry. On his visit to GOPE Valparaiso, Mr. Bentley engaged in in-depth discussions and enjoyed traditional Chilean empanadas and wine.

en español


Relevant News Articles:



Photo Captions:

1.  GOPE VideoRay Pro 4 with small generator deployed from an inflatable boat. /   Videoray del GOPE con generador pequeño operando de un bote inflable.

2.  The rugged VideoRay Pro 4 equipment on the way to a mission. /  El Robusto equipo VideoRay Pro4 en su camino a cumplir su misión. 

3.   Extremely portable VideoRay deployed from remote shoreline. /  El extremadamente portatíl VideoRay desplegado desde una remota playa.

4.  All GOPE members are trained in diving.The VideoRay is an invaluable assistant. /  Todo el Personal del GOPE es entrenado en buceo. El equipo VideoRay es un invaluable asistente. 

4. Mr. Bentley and Mr. Estrada from VideoRay in the US, with members of GOPE Valparaiso.  /  Sr. Bentley y el Sr. Estrada de VideoRay en los Estados Unidos, con miembros del GOPE Valparaíso

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NOVEMBER 15, 2016 – El Grupo de Operaciones Especiales de Carabineros (GOPE) en Valparaíso, Chile , usa frecuentemente Robot Submarino

Vehículo Operado Remoto (ROV) fabricado por VideoRay es usado para encontrar victimas ahogadas, manteniendo seguro a los buzos. 

En el año 2016. El GOPE de Valparaíso, Chile, contactó a Diving Service para que lo asesorará para entender y obtener tecnología submarina para mejorarla efectividad, eficiencia y seguridad en sus operaciones de buceo. Estas operaciones frecuentemente involucran la búsqueda y recuperación de víctimas ahogadas, además de otras tareas de gran dificultad o peligro. Santiago Gutierrez, miembro de Diving Service, buzo de salvataje de la Armada Chilena e instructor de buceo, está intimamente familiarizado con ambas tareas y la tecnología envuelta en este tipo de operaciones, entregando la mejor solución: Un VideoRay Pro 4 con sonar Multihaz Blueview y manipulador para recuperación de objetos. 

Desde la adquisición de la unidad, esta ha sido muy efectiva y confinable, trabajando con su sonar en limitada visibilidad por horas sin detención. A diferencia de los buzos, no existe límites de tiempo o profundidad para los buceos y la temperature no afecta la operación. El GOPE de Valparaíso ha estado muy ocupado asistiendo a otras unidades a lo largo del país, demostrando el uso y efectividad de esta tecnología. Por ahora solo está disponible una unidad para el Gope por el momento en todo Chile, pero se encuentran otras en proceso de compra. 

El Gerente General de VideoRay Scott Bentley y el ejecutivo de ventas Erick Estrada, Recientemente visitaron Chile y aprendieron más a cerca de como son utilizados los VideoRay en ese país – donde las ventas de los ROV VideoRay han sido particularmente fuertes, principalmente en la industria de la acuicultura. En su visita al GOPE de Valparaíso, el Señor Bentley sostubo una interesante discusión y disfrutó las tradicionales empanadas y vino Chileno. 


Relevant News Articles:



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VideoRay Newsletter Q4 2016: Annual ROV Check-up Special

Annual ROV Service & Checkup

Is your VideoRay ready to perform at its best when you need it? Many systems spend months - or even years - in the closet. Or maybe it seemed a bit off somehow the last time you used it …

Just like you need a annual check-up, your VideoRay system can benefit from a thorough checkout by experts at the factory. 

For only $275*, we will ship your system at our expense to our factory and go over your system thoroughly. Performing a 30 point inspection, making minor adjustments as needed and list any necessary repairs and potential upgrades. You can then decide what line items make sense for you (if any,) and be assured that your system is working at its best. 
(fee covers shipment within the continental United States)

Sign-up and get your FREE shipping label



Cartridge Seals – checking oil levels and physical corrosion/contamination

Motor Shafts – checking for bent shafts on all motors

Main Domes  – replacing main domes

Light Domes  – checking light domes for cracks

Main Hull Corrosion  – checking main hull and thruster tubes for signs of extensive corrosion

Termblock Whip  – checking whip for any physical damage

Basic Functions Test  – running ROV through Basic Functions QC

Pressure Test  – Pressure testing ROV to 300psi


Hardware Date Check – checking hardware under panel to insure everything is up to date

Software Check – checking software on PC to insure everything is up to date

Functions Check  – running ICB through QC checks


Physical Connector Check  – checking for rust or separating molding on tether connectors

Continuity Check – checking for good connections between all tether pins

Function Test – checking tether with systems to insure no LIM system faults are present

Warranty Checks

Your system will be evaluated for warranty work and available upgrades. Any identified work will be presented to you for approval - if your system is under warranty all warranty work will be performed at no charge at your consent.

Pressure Test 

* Price for shipments in the continental United States. Additional shipping charges may apply outside the Continetal US.

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VideoRay Newsletter Q4 2016: VideoRay Defense Expands with Key Wins

VideoRay Continues Expansion Into Worldwide National Defense

Recent Sales to Italy, Korea, France, and India add to upgrades to US Coast Guard and US Navy

VideoRay underwater inspection systems continue to spread throughout the world with several recent sales. VideoRay is the acknowledged standard in this class of portable, rugged, high-performance remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for homeland security. In most cases outside the United States, VideoRay partners with the best local company that works with high technology underwater equipment to provide support, training, spare parts, and repairs for these systems.

New Articles:

United States Coast Guard

Italian Coast Guard

India Navy - Department of Defence

French Navy - The Direction générale de l'armement (DGA)

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OCTOBER 13, 2016 – VideoRay plays key role in location and recovery of three drowning victims in Lake Superior

Joint effort by Crossmon Consulting, Bruce's Legacy, Great Lakes Water Studies Institute, and Local Agencies perform deep water recovery safely

The story was very sad, but also not unusual. Three boaters – aged 9, 43, and 61, had been missing for two weeks. A large scale search by the Coast Guard Station Marquette, Michigan, Coast Guard Station Portage, Michigan, Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City, Michigan, Coast Guard Air Station Detroit, Coast Guard Cutter Biscayne Bay, Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City, North Carolina, Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Canadian Department of National Defense was conducted. Also searching were aircraft from around the U.S. and Canada including C-130s. The search covered 14,000 square miles over 151 hours, but was unsuccessful and therefore called off.

Crossmon Consulting and Bruce's Legacy – both small organizations that are called upon to find drowning victims, sprang into action. Using their collective experience from many successful searches, they used clues such as a final cell phone ping to determine search areas, and towed sidescan sonars to conduct the wide area search. After three days of searching, Keith Cormican of Bruce's Legacy located and identified the a boat the correct shape and size in 280 feet of water – well beyond of reach of most divers – with his Klein Marine Systems 3900 side scan sonar. Crossmon's VideoRay Pro 4 remotely operated vehicle (ROV) was used to confirm that the boat was indeed the right boat, and all three victims were located near the boat. Using the small, portable Pro 4 they retrieved two bodies from the wreck. The third was entangled and needed the efforts of an intervention-class ROV.

A few days later, the Great Lakes Water Studies Institute, using a boat from Michigan Tech, used a larger vehicle with a cutter to free and recover the final victim. The efforts of several specialists were involved in this project – Tom Crossmon and Dave Phillips of Crossmon Consulting, Keith Cormican and Beth Darst of Bruce's Legacy, and Hans VanSumeren and John Lutchko from Great Lakes Water Studies, among many.


Bruce's Legacy: Houghton-Hancock Michigan, Lake Superior Search 

Duluth News Tribune: Bodies of Michigan boaters recovered in Lake Superior 

TV 6 News Report: Two out of Three Missing Boaters Recovered in Lake Superior

Northwestern Michigan College

TV 6 Investigation now closed following the recovery of missing boater's bodies


Tom Crossmon and Dave Phillips of Crossmon Consulting, Keith Cormican and Beth Darst of Bruce's Legacy

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OCTOBER 11, 2016 – Oceaneering/NASA/VideoRay Training Collaboration yields results for USCG and International Subsea Inspection Companies

New Classes taught at Neutral Buoyancy in Houston produce highest ratings from students – more scheduled soon

In September, the Oceaneering team at the NASA Neutral Buoyancy lab in Houston conducted their first two scheduled training classes on the use of VideoRay Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs.) The first was for nine students from seven different Maritime Safety and Security Team (MSST) units. The US Coast Guard has standardized on VideoRay vehicles for over a decade, and maintains a nationwide fleet for homeland security tasks at ports. One student wrote in their evaluation "Valuable training and convenient location. Friendly and Professional staff", and another stated "The pool was a great tool for the training"

The second class was for seven students from three different organizations in the US and Canada – some new to VideoRays and ROVs in general. A student wrote "NBL provided an excellent venue to practice diving and troubleshooting ROVs. Staff were top notch and so helpful."

Oceaneering is uniquely qualified to provide this kind of training. From space to subsea, Oceaneering supports the oil and gas industry's underwater testing needs with the NBL, the NASA-owned facility once exclusively reserved for astronaut training. VideoRay has worked closely with the Oceaneering team to provide material and training support. 

The next class is scheduled for November 1-2.

Oceaneering Training - Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

NASA Sonny Carter Training Facility - Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

Certified VideoRay Training

Training Photos:

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October 3, 2016 - VideoRay ROVs Keep Indiana DNR Safe in Four Separate Drowning Victim Recoveries

Each deployment this year was successful in rapid underwater location of victim, giving families closure without risk to divers

IndyStar today released an extensive report on the benefits of VideoRay ROV systems in use by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Jim Hash of the DNR recounted that the systems found victims in hours, where before, with human divers, searches took days and were dangerous to the divers. In fact, in Indiana alone, two divers perished in training accidents.

"These are dives that require heavy exertion in zero-visibility water with entanglement risks," said Fishers Fire Chief Steve Orusa, a diver for 30 years who authored a training manual on the subject. "If you can use sonar, boat-based or on a remotely operated vehicle, now you have the ability to keep the divers out of the water."

See Office Hash describe his use of system in his own words

Full Article:

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September 29, 2016 - VideoRay's Mission Specialist Integrates Greensea Operating Platform for Navigation and Control

Richmond, Vermont USA — 18 September 2016 — Greensea, creator of OPENSEA™, the universal marine industry operating platform, has been selected by VideoRay as the software provider for the new Mission Specialist ROV. Greensea provides navigation, advanced autopilots, and automation for VideoRay's powerful new customizable vehicle.

READ the Greensea Press Release

PHOTO: Andy Goldstein, VP Engineering, VideoRay, Ben Kinnaman, CEO, Greensea, and Colin Riggs, Sr. Engineer, Greensea, conduct testng with Mission Specialist ROV

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2016 – Stinger prepares unique VideoRay fly out system from Seaeye Falcon, for North Sea Oilfield Decommissioning Services

Delivery System sends VideoRay with Subsea Interchangeable Tooling to Inspect and Collect Interior Samples for of Large Storage Tanks Offshore

The problem facing Dong Energy in the North Sea is daunting. More than 500 platforms that have produced oil and gas for years are coming to the end of their productive lives. Many of these rival the size of the Eiffel Tower, and are located in deep and turbulent waters. When designed, constructed, and put into service, no thought was given to their removal – but international rules require that they be decommissioned and entirely removed. Estimates of decommissioning costs exceed one hundred billion dollars, and the technology and techniques for doing this safely and effectively are just now being developed.

One such problem facing Dong is inspecting the oil storage tank of the Siri platform, including environmental sampling and inspection inside the tank. The tank's interior was never designed to be inspected, and access is very limited. The solution will be provided by Stinger Technology AS of Stavanger, Norway, a specialized systems integrator with tailored solutions to problems posed by working subsea in confined spaces. The challenge in this inspection was to get an ideal inspection tool that Stinger has had considerable experience with - the VideoRay Pro 4 - into exactly the right position to enter the tanks, and then to perform the necessary inspection and sampling without assistance from the surface while inside the tank.

To accomplish this, Stinger is developing the first-ever subsea tooling interchange system for a microROV, with several measurement tools and sampling tools to sample wax on the wall, sediments from the floor and emulsion from the oil-water interface. The VideoRay microROV collects water quality parameters, bathometric data from a scanning sonar and wax, sediment and emulsion samples from the oil/water layer. The bathometric data in combination with the ROV's depth sensor is used to generate sediment volume measurements, which are critical for the decommissioning process.

VideoRay's powerful and reliable Pro 4 series has been a mainstay of Stinger's innovative environmental survey systems for years. Using an industry standard larger system such as the Falcon to deliver it was an easy choice, and MacArney's deployment expertise – used successfully with other VideoRay systems recently, will ensure the success of this mission.

"It is always a pleasure working with VideoRay" said Bjarte Langeland, the CEO of Stinger. "I can count on VideoRay to help me customize and enhance their standard products for these extremely difficult projects from my demanding clients."

Stinger's New Falcon ROV

 PHOTO CREDIT: Stinger AS -  This picture of the subsea system under development shows the current state of the project.Note the Tether Management System holds 125m of neutral Videoray tether, and the unique design assure constant tension when reeling in and out. Under the TMS a sampling toolbox holds the various tools for the Pro4, which will be picked up by the manipulator and interchanged during the mission without surfacing. The integration was carried out by Bjarte Langeland, Chief Executive Officer/ BSc/ Founder and his team at Stinger AS

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2016 – VideoRay featured in the KEYSTONE EDGE: "‘Bringing the World to Pennsylvania,’ one company at a time

'Bringing the World to PA,' one company at a time

By Elise Vider on August 25, 2016

For Pennsylvania companies making everything from heavy vehicles and aerospace equipment to snowboards and candy, international markets are boosting the bottom line. But exporting goods and services across the globe can be daunting, especially for smaller companies. Language barriers, shipping logistics, currency fluctuations, and myriad rules, regulations and restrictions can keep them from even considering sales outside U.S. borders.


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SEPTEMBER 13, 2016 – Howard County Fire and Rescue Relies on New ROV technology to Work Underwater Rapidly, Efficiently, and Safely

Remotely Operated Vehicle serves as "Dive Team"

Pottstown, PA - In 2015, Howard County was facing a challenge with their many underwater response calls. They averaged one drowning a year plus several additional calls for the many reservoirs within the county. Each call required a mutual aid request from an outside agency, and response times were unpredictable. After placing a side scan sonar unit in service in 2014 the team was looking for the next step and an alternative to always placing divers in waters which often have bottoms covered with trees. In addition, some calls involved falls through a layer of ice – something that is also extremely hazardous for human divers.

At the request of Special Operations Battalion Chief- Gordon Wallace, Captain- Vincent Baker's team at Fire Station 11 was asked to look into what an ROV could do for the department. When they read about the capabilities of new observation-class ROVs – small, portable, rugged, and reliable – and equipped with sonars and grabber claws, they realized they had a possible answer. Interviews with other agencies, and the local US Coast Guard unit steered them to VideoRay LLC, in nearby Pottstown, as the vendor with the best fit for their requirements. A procurement and training class for Station 11 was conducted during the summer of 2015.

Howard County has already used the equipment for a dam inspection, which resulted in urgent repairs that the county did not expect. In exercises with a rescue manikin, they have demonstrated the ability to locate and recover a victim inside an hour, and are confident they are prepared to respond to underwater emergencies that arise.


CBS News Coverage

Baltimore Sun News Coverage

PHOTO CREDIT:  Captain Vincent Baker - Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services

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September 9, 2016 – Alaska State Troopers use VideoRay to Aid in Search & Rescues

September 9, 2016 – Alaska State Troopers use VideoRay to Aid in Search & Rescues

Read the "Underwater Eyes" article in the Alaska State Trooper Times

Training Video (Download)

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September 1, 2016 – California Institute of Technology Wins first prize at RoboSub Competition with Prototype VideoRay Thrusters

September 1, 2016 – California Institute of Technology Wins first prize at RoboSub Competition with Prototype VideoRay Thrusters

Team's collaboration with VideoRay yields many improvements to design and implementation of new technology

VideoRay thrusters have played a crucial role in many of the winners and top teams at Robosub over the years. At the 2015 competition Mark Fleming, VideoRay's San Diego employee, had a unique offer. Teams who could use the brand new technology in VideoRay's "Mission Specialist" thrusters almost a year before they were commercially available. This allowed VideoRay's engineering group to receive feedback on all aspects of the thrusters – performance, durability, features, and software. While several teams received thrusters, none were as serious or as demanding as Cal Tech's team.

Early in their testing several materials issues arose, and not only did Caltech provide feedback, they wrote a technical paper on their analysis and recommendations. These issues were then addressed before customer shipments. Other suggestions on improvements to control and feedback software are being evaluated for implementation in future releases.

The collaboration with Caltech has resulted in the industry's most powerful, efficient, and advanced thruster in this size and weight category. The fact that is both more powerful and efficient was key to victory in a battery-powered environment like Robosub. Control and feedback are far more advanced than any other option, including VideoRay's previous industry-leading Pro 4 and Pro 3 thrusters.

We greatly appreciate the help we received from Caltech, and look forward to working with their robotics teams for years to come.

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