Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

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p4130 web VideoRay Finalizes a Large Volume Sonar Purchase Agreement with BlueView Technologies

VideoRay, the Global Leader in MicroROV Technology, recently finalized a large volume purchase agreement with BlueView Technologies for one hundred (100) P900 High-Resolution Imaging Sonar systems in the coming months. These compact, low-power 900 kHz imaging sonars utilize BlueView’s latest acoustic imaging technology, providing VideoRay customers with unparalleled ability to search and navigate underwater. Applications for these systems include Search and Rescue, Offshore Oil and Gas Operations, Hull and Structure Inspection, Diver Detection, Material and Equipment Placement, Commercial Diving, and many more. BlueView’s P900 sonars have three field-of-view (FOV) options – 45, 90, and 130 degrees and are specifically designed to increase search rates and effectiveness in low and/or zero visibility conditions with both mid-range detection and close-range identification capabilities from the VideoRay ROV platform.

The BlueView’s P900 forward looking Imaging Sonar integrates seamlessly with the VideoRay Pro 3 GTO ROVs and the latest VideoRay Pro 4 ROV hardware and VideoRay Cockpit Software systems. The easy to use BlueView Windows software is delivered pre-programmed into VideoRay’s Pro 4 Cockpit Software for one click operation and recording. Together, they comprise one of the most simple, portable, and effective ROV/Sonar systems available – proven time and again by some of the world best Military, Law Enforcement, and Offshore organizations. VideoRay’s dominant position in observation ROVs is demonstrated by its early adoption of BlueView technology. VideoRay has integrated more than 150 BlueView sonars to date – far more than all of its competitors combined.

“VideoRay’s seamless integration of BlueView sonar into their ROV systems makes a powerful and easy-to-use tool” said BlueView’s COO Jason Seawall. “We’re pleased to continue our close association with BlueView” said Scott Bentley, the President of VideoRay. “This tool is adds very significantly to the range of missions that microROVs can accomplish, and makes it much easier to navigate as well as investigate in murky water.”

For further information, mission examples, and videos, please visit www.videoray.com and www.blueview.com

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The BlueView P900-130 Degree Field Of View High Resolution Imaging Sonar Head Photo: BlueView Technologies

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The BlueView P900-130 Degree Field Of View High Resolution Imaging Sonar Integrated onto the VideoRay Pro 4 ROV Pictured with Optional Hull Crawler Attachment. Photo: VideoRay LLC