Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

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Conrady tank bottom Potable Water Storage Tank Inspection Pioneers Conrady Consultant Services Satisfied with Latest VideoRay ROV Technology

A letter from Conrady Consultant Services Dated November 23, 2010:

Conrady Logo

Mr. Scott Bentley
VideoRay LLC
580 Wall Street
Phoenixville, PA 19460

Dear Scott,

Just a quick note to let you and the rest of your staff know how much we appreciate having such a dependable product as your VideoRay ROV and how wonderful it is to deal with everyone whenever we need anything.

As you know, in 1982 we were pioneers in the underwater inspection of water storage tanks and we dove in these tanks for our inspections until 2004 when we discontinued diving and purchased an ROV from a VideoRay competitor located on the west coast of the US. Within a few months of using this competitor’s product, due to the continuous problems we had keeping this ROV operational, we realized that we must purchase a second ROV from this company if we wished to continue in the tank inspection business. Even with us owning 2 of these units, we constantly had problems and it turned out that each unit would only operate about 8 hours without failing. I had to keep a generous supply of spare parts and I became an expert on disassembling and repairing their ROVs. Turn around time for a repair of their ROV would be at least several weeks if not months and many times their repairs did not even work.

We finally had enough and purchased your ROV in 2009. What a difference! We started with a Pro 3 and now have a single Pro 4. Unlike the competitor’s ROVs, we have had absolutely no need for 2 units so far. Not only have we had only a very few problems, but your staff does everything possible to get our ROV operational as quickly as possible and stands behind your product unconditionally. Your repairs are always extremely fast with no hassles or questions.

Please feel free to use our name, and do not hesitate to have prospects or potential clients contact us about your company, your products, and your staff.


Conrady Sig

John R. Conrady, P.E.

Conrady Consultant Services
460 Lokey Lane
Wilsonville, AL 35186-7314
Phone: (205)807-6342
mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



VideoRay Pro 4 Fits In Backpack

Conrady Consulting’s VideoRay Pro 4 fits neatly into a backpack for a climb to the top of a potable water tank. Photo: Conrady Consulting

VideoRay Pro 4 Awaits Deployment

A VideoRay Pro 4 awaits deployment at the top of a potable water tank. It gets a quick bath of bleach solution before it splashes. Photo: MBA Tanks

VideoRay Pro 4 Inspects Sediment

The VideoRay Pro 4 inspects the sediment at the bottom of a potable water tank. Photo: Conrady Consulting

VideoRay Pro 4 LED Lighting

The VideoRay Pro 4’s high intensity LED lighting adds plenty of illumination for a successful tank inspection Photo: Conrady Consulting