Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles


As reality and documentary type television programs become more widely popular, the need for underwater camera technology in lieu of skilled divers to capture and characterize footage is becoming more prevalent. The VideoRay ROV, outfitted with the latest fiber optic, fully controllable High Definition cameras, offers a simple, cost-effective, and diverse method of capturing the highest quality underwater footage while adding an interesting, show-worthy technological element to the story. The ROV is capable of accessing deep, dangerous, and confined areas unattainable by divers and, as long as you have a willing pilot topside, there is no limit to how long it can be submerged and capturing footage.

Because the VideoRay ROV offers such a diverse and easy platform for the delivery of a variety of external HD cameras, the user is not limited to a few resolutions and data formats. VideoRay has developed several HD configurations over the years ranging from cost-effective, compressed HD video recorded at the source to fully uncompressed fiber optically transmitted video in just about every professional format available. Our goal is to gather the needs of the shooter, then deliver the most effective HD rig for the job.

Using the VideoRay eliminates potential safety risks, and eliminates exposing divers to unsafe conditions. The agile and simple-to-pilot submersible can be equipped with up to 600 m (2,000 ft) of tether. The basic onboard camera also delivers Standard Definition video and still images directly to the ROV computer’s hard drive - easy to access, edit, and deliver in popular video and image formats.


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