Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

THE P4 HY 300BASE Hydro Inspection ROV System has been specifically configured for Engineers and Service Managers to quickly and effectively perform a variety of basic underwater hydro infrastructure inspection tasks. Getting into tight spaces or intakes is no problem as the maximum diameter of the VideoRay is no more than 25.4 cm (12 in). The VideoRay can and will go places few other ROVs can access. The ROV operator will gain valuable insight into the integrity of the structure while noticing immediate payback on this essential investment.

Open Enrollment Certified VideoRay Training is included with the P4 HY 300BASE Hydro Inspection ROV configurations.


Submersible Dimensions: 37.5, 28.9, 22.3 cm (14.75, 11.4, 8.75 in)
Submersible Weight: 6.1 kg (13.5 lb) with Full Ballast Set
Total System Size & Weight 41.5 kg (91.4 lb)
Depth Rating: 305 m (1,000 ft)



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