Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

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8-Pound Mini-ROV Now Has 80 Percent More Thrust, High-Resolution Camera, and Tooling for Adding Varied Tether Lengths and Instrumentation

Underwater Intervention, New Orleans, LA, February 27, 2002 -VideoRay LLC today debuts the new VideoRay Pro II ROV, a highly portable remotely-operated vehicle used for underwater inspections. VideoRay Pro II is both a companion for and alternate to divers for checking under boats for maintenance or security, inspecting piers, moorings, dams, ships, potable water tanks, or any submerged structure. Many features that were options in the previous model are now standard in the VideoRay Pro II. VideoRay Pro II can be seen in Booth #526/528 at Underwater Intervention at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. The VideoRay Pro II starts at $15,995.00 USD and will be available in April, 2002.

New features in the VideoRay Pro II for a connector for high-end tooling, enhanced thrust, high-resolution video, new lighting, and easier routine maintenance. The new connector allows the use of a dedicated spare twisted pair for digital signal transmission, and several new optional tools or sensors. The VideoRay Pro II also includes a standard rear-facing camera and rear-facing LED lights that are now within the hull, instead of on the outside of the sub – an improvement that enhances hydrodynamic performance and lowers power consumption.

A 570-line high-resolution standard camera replaces the previous 350 line standard camera. On-screen heading/depth/date/time are also now standard. Detachable Subconn connectors at the sub end allow the user to easily switch the tether, which is now available in varied lengths to suit the needs of particular projects. A 9-pin connector tooling pack makes it fast and easy to add instruments and accessories such as manipulators, the Desert Star positioning system, and the Imagenix 851 scanning sonar.

Our new convenient cartridge seal assembly lowers the job of seal replacement from 1 hour to less than 3 minutes. The VideoRay Pro II also features an expanded control box (1550 Pelican® case) as standard equipment with a well for the MiniDV recorder option as well as space in the lid for a 12” LCD daylight viewable display option.

The 8-pound VideoRay Pro II also sports a three-axis joystick, new higher-powered thruster motors and a new skid, propeller, and nozzles developed by NASA that boost thrust by nearly 80 percent. Steve Van Meter of NASA/Kennedy Space Center innovated the new thruster nozzles, which screw on and off and are much stronger and easier to remove, clean, and inspect. First developed in aluminum and implemented in polycarbonate, the new skid is lighter, scratch resistant and won’t scratch boat decks, sustains more payload, and keeps the tether from wrapping around the sub during operation.