Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

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Comprehensive Support and Maintenance Program Helps Prevent Downtime in Field, Insures Against Loss, Keeps ROVs on Leading Edge Technically

VideoRay LLC announced today a new program to support its customers with around-the-clock phone service, insurance from losses, and steady technology upgrades that improve reliability and performance. The Comprehensive Support and Maintenance Program (CSMP) was developed to support customers during field operations and prevent costly downtime while giving them first access to new developments.

The benefits of CSMP include a Field Insurance policy against practically all losses, except theft and intentional damage. The program extends and upgrades the limited one-year warranty protecting against defects in design, materials, and workmanship. If a customer’s VideoRay is damaged, fixing it becomes a top priority instead of a standard service. CSMP also gives the customer the first option to upgrade new reliability and performance features before they are offered to other customers. Seals, the float block, the main camera dome, o-rings, light bulbs, thruster motors, and other spare consumables are covered in the program.

“All of our customers get excellent service and rapid warranty repair—that’s always been one of our top priorities,” says Bob Christ, vice president of customer relations at VideoRay. “However, many customers need a plan where they can count on absolute minimal downtime, a known cost for all repairs and maintenance, and an assurance of the latest technology at all times. This program provides that, and the initial response have been very positive.”