Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

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Exploring Caves in Mexico and Security for Vessels and Ports – the VideoRay is There – Marcus Kolb and Bob Christ will share expertise at Underwater Intervention 2004.

VideoRay announced today that its VideoRay microROVs will be the topic in two fascinating presentations at Underwater Intervention. Marcus Kolb, research and development director, will talk about his first hand experience with National Geographic in lost caves in Mexico. Bob Christ, now of SeaTrepid, will share his expertise in a presentation entitled Remotely Operated Underwater Security System for Vessels and Ports. See VideoRay in Booth #735.

Kolb tells of Exploring Ancient Caves in Yucatan with an 8-Pound ROV. His presentation will focus on researching and documenting Yucatan caves for National Geographic with the VideoRay ROV and a host of accessories. Kolb piloted the compact but high-tech ROV, equipping the submersible with a Sony 5 mega pixel camera with a wide-angle adapter for the mission. The VideoRay observed isopods and other cave life, recorded halocline readings on a laptop, and explored passages too small and dangerous for divers. The photographs from this mission are truly incredible.

Bob Christ, who recently departed from VideoRay to start his own field adventures company called SeaTrepid, will discuss Remotely Operated Underwater Security System for Vessels and Ports. Taking charge of the physical security of ports, harbors, and vessels is top priority for homeland security. Now, ROV systems for underwater security sweeps of ports, harbors and vessels can be performed regularly and reliably. With the addition of vessel-referenced acoustical positioning, a highly accurate and repeatable hull inspection can be accomplished quickly and inexpensively with a minimum of applied resources and a high confidence of coverage. This session will explain these recent advances in underwater robotics for the maritime security environment.