Water visibility is arguably one of the most important factors when trying to complete a successful inspection mission with a VideoRay ROV.  Though the ROV camera has a few options to assist with image quality in low light / low clarity situations, such as shutter speed, wide dynamic range, and LYYN real time video enhancement, it can only see so much when conditions are poor.  When trying to image structures, vessel hulls, or trying to locate unknown targets in low visibility or even complete blacked out environments, an acoustic imaging device is an essential tool. 

There are several 2-dimensional (2D) imaging sonar and 360° scanning sonar solutions available that integrate seamlessly with the VideoRay Pro 4 ROV systems.  These sonar systems attach in minutes to the ROV and utilize existing communication channels so there is never any reason to send back your system to the factory for integration.  For intimate imaging missions to long range target location and navigation in low visibility environments there are several different frequency and field of view (FOV) options available in the 2D imaging sonar offerings.  Typically the higher the frequency the higher the image resolution - in this case the sonar's range is limited and vice versa for lower frequencies.  Obviously the wider the horizontal FOV the more area is being imaged by the operator and sonar options for VideoRay ROVs range from 45 degrees to 130 degrees.  The 2D sonars available on VideoRay ROVs frequencies range from 450kHz, 720kHz, 900kHz, and 2250kHz - the last 2 are also offered as a dual frequency option in one package.  Ranges on the 2D imaging sonars are anywhere from 0 to 450 ft (137 m). 

The scanning sonar option offers a compact solution providing a 360 degree "scanning" view with a frequency of 650kHz to 750kHz.  It is ideal for large target identification and navigation with a range of 6 ft - 250 ft (2m - 75m).  The scanning sonar also utilizes the existing communications in the VideoRay Pro 3 or Pro 4 ROV systems and integrates easily and in seconds to the submersible.    



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