The Tritech Gemini 720 Series sonar provides real-time, crisp imagery of the underwater scene ahead, making Gemini the ideal technology for subsea sonar vision for obstacle avoidance or search & rescue (SAR) operations. The Tritech Gemini 720 i Series offers three different sonars based on the needs of the user.


A real-time, high frequency imaging solution, the Gemini 720ik operates at 720kHz and combined with Tritech’s advanced processing electronics, it produces images of outstanding clarity, benefitting from 512 beams which results in a 0.25° effective angular resolution.


The "world's smallest" multibeam sonar, the Gemini 720im augments the successful Gemini range of imaging multibeam sonars and amalgamates many of the Gemini 720is and Gemini 720ik features into an ultra-compact unit.


With a 120degree field of view and fat update rate of 30Hz, the Gemini 720is is ideal for poor visibility environments. 

**NOTE: Not all sonar options are available on all VideoRay ROV models. Please contact Sales at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find the solution that is right for you and your system.

Typical VideoRay ROV / Gemini sonar applications are:


  • ROV navigation
  • Search & Rescue (SAR)
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Target recognition
  • Salvage operations
  • Subsea monitoring & inspection


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An Integration Skid is required to operate the Gemini Imaging Sonar from the VideoRay Pro 4 ROV platform.  This skid, which provides buoyancy and holds the sonar head and communication electronics, mounts to the ROV in seconds so it can be added quickly when needed or taken off when visibility is good.  All Pro 4 configurations including an imaging sonar are delivered with an Integration Package containing the skid mount and all necessary cables and software.

The Tritech Gemini sonar is not optimized for use on Pro 3 E, S, XE, GTO or lower VideoRay ROV.

Open Enrollment Certified VideoRay Training is available for the Tritech Gemini sonar and is included with any VideoRay Pro 4 ROV configuration containing a Gemini sonar system.

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