A sonde is a water quality monitoring instrument that can measure water attributes including temperature, conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, and depth.  The VideoRay Pro 4 ROV displays the sonde read-out data in the VideoRay Cockpit user interface.  

The YSI EXO2 advanced water quality monitoring platform includes the versatile multiparameter EXO2 sonde for oceanographic, estuarine, or surface water applications.

Key Benefits

  • High-accuracy sensors with on-board memory
  • Wireless communications
  • Seamless integration into marine, estuarine, freshwater, and ground water monitoring systems

Smart Sondes and Sensors
Extremely versatile instrument, allowing the user to automatically configure a sonde with different sensor for different applications in minutes.

Tested in a variety of rigorous field conditions as well as lab conditions to ensure accuracy and response times.

Monitor without Interruption
No matter which EXO sensors users select, other features of the sensors' design make them rugged and durable:

  • Wet-mateable connectors resist corrosion
  • Isolated components prevent short circuits
  • Welded housings and double o-rings prevent leaks
  • High-impact plastic and titanium resists breaking
  • Built-in antifouling systems protect data integrity
  • Low power consumption extends underwater deployments

The YSI EXO2 sonde is delivered with a clamp assembly that will attach to existing Pro 4 skids, and all necessary cables and software for use.  It can be used in conjunction with most other VideoRay attachments and is only available for VideoRay Pro 4 ROV systems.

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