Maritime ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) provides situational awareness through development and exploitation of remote sensing capabilities. This mission is typically coupled with the employment of Command Control Communications and Computer Systems (C4).

The VideoRay Pro 4 ROV system can be configured with several attachment options to enhance the operator’s capabilities in these types of applications. Multibeam 2D imaging sonars such as the BlueView P900-130 can provide real time navigation and imaging in low to zero visibility environments allowing the operator to identify and further investigate targets of interest. With a 130° field of view, a max range of 100 m (329 ft), and a depth rating of 1,000 m (3,280 ft) the BlueView provides the type of coverage needed by VideoRay operators.

Navigation and positioning of the VideoRay and sensors with the Smart Tether Non-Acoustic tether based positioning system makes target marking for re-acquisition and positioning an easy task. With precise GPS positioning, easy data export, and real time Google Earth overlays (or overlays of operator choice), the Smart Tether is one of the most unique ROV positioning systems available and can be found on no other ROV except the VideoRay. The Pro 4 ROV Smart Tether includes 40 m (130 ft) of Smart Tether and is designed to meet multiple missions and tested to survive extreme environments. A 80 m (260 ft) extension is available as well. The Smart Tether software is integrated topside into the Pro 4 ROV PC.

Manipulator and Cutter arms, Radiation Detectors, Metal Thickness and Cathodic Protection Probes, and Laser Scaling devices are just a few of the other tools available for the VideoRay Pro 4 ROV system.

VideoRay has also delivered advanced Command and Control support capabilities in the past where VideoRay ROV operators utilize the remote linked in capability to support program leaders or Commanders in the field to understand what the operator is actually experiencing on a real time basis.  To this end, camera video can be recorded, snapshots taken and saved, time and date stamps recorded, and any other sonar / positioning / sensor data exported for communication with the C² elements.

Typical VideoRay ROV Maritime ISR missions:

  • Visual inspection of critical components of undersea infrastructure or areas where its components are buried. This may require inspecting for and detecting damage or possible tampering.
  • Visual inspection of submerged objects which may appear to be a threat.
  • Pre-dive visual inspection and marking of critical objects to provide divers with time-saving data.
  • Sensing of Chemical, Biological, or Radioactive agents in the water.
  • Sensing of subsurface magnetic objects, locating sub-surface metal objects, detecting and locating buried cables.  

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