VideoRay Newsletter Q3 2016: Pro 4 Full Qualified and Certified IP65 Topside

Many underwater vehicle missions – particularly in the defense and first responder sectors, require operations from small, open boats in high seas or heavy rain. VideoRay is now delivering Pro 4 topside control panels that are fully qualified and certified IP65 compliant – which means they are certified to operate in these conditions. This includes compliance of all interconnected components during operation - most IP65 ROV systems from competitors (including laptops) are only compliant if they are operated stand alone on internal batteries. IP65 compliance delivers all-weather and small unprotected vessel operational capabilities – in fact VideoRays are the only systems that can handle active operation in these conditions.

The IP Code, International Protection Marking Definition

Visit VideoRay website for more detail for the VideoRay Pro 4 IP-65 Control Panel

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