The VideoRay Remotely Operated Vehicle has become extremely prevalent in Broadcast Television and Film productions around the world.  Its high quality video, portability and ease of use, and ability to access dangerous or confined environments have made it the star of numerous documentaries and TV productions. 

VideoRay ROVs have been included in several episodes of the History Channel’s Monsterquest, the popular CBS crime drama CSI: Las Vegas (Crime Scene Investigation), numerous Discovery Channel productions, the BBC production Primeval, several NOVA productions, four seasons of Expedition Great White and Shark Men on the National Geographic Channel, and the recent high profile Dark Secrets of the Lusitania on National Geographic Channel where the VideoRay actually penetrated the remains of the famed WWI shipwreck.

Not only do production companies find the VideoRay an easy way to gather high quality underwater footage, they also find that it looks cool on camera!