VideoRay Pro 4 ROVs were used extensively as part of the Costa Concordia wreck removal project, which began in May 2012. The groundbreaking operation relied on 7 VideoRay Pro 4 ROV systems to provide eyes underwater in the extremely challenging and dangerous environment around the wreckage site.  The ROVs – and their tireless operators – have worked around the clock for two years monitoring divers, penetrating the wreck, and conducting site surveys.  Since the operation began in 2012, VideoRay ROVs have recorded over 45,000 hours of footage on the Concordia wreck, in what is considered one of the largest uses of observation class ROVs on a single job in history.

As the largest, most complicated, and most expensive marine salvage project in history, the Costa Concordia salvage project has captivated the world and garnered extensive media coverage since the ship first foundered off of Giglio Island, Italy in January 2012. Much of the salvage operation has remained confidential until now.  The Costa Concordia continues to fascinate the media, even now that the salvage project enters the final stage – dissembling and recycling the massive ship in the port of Genoa, Italy.

On this page, you will find some of the best news articles, videos, and images of the Costa Concordia salvage project. 

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» Official press release (VideoRay):   VideoRay Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) Play Crucial Role in Costa Concordia Salvage Project

»  Discovery News:  Mini Robot Subs Help Guide Concordia Salvage   (July 18, 2014)
» Smithsonian Channel Documentary:   Cruise Ship Down: Saving Concordia

» Pottstown Mercury:  Pottstown's VideoRay helps raise sunken Italian cruise ship   (July 14, 2014)
» NBC Philadelphia:  Local Company Plays Major Role in Costa Concordia Project   (July 16, 2014)
»  Montco firm plays key role in Italian cruise ship's salvage   (August 13, 2014)

»   BUVI vid Costa Concordia (Sweden)   Coverage compiled by VideoRay's Swedish dealer

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