VideoRay ROVs have proven themselves as one of the easiest, cost-effective, and safe solutions for hydro and infrastructure inspections. The compact and portable system can easily be deployed and piloted by a single operator while capturing high resolution color video for documentation needs.

The compact submersible can easily be raised and lowered over long spans without the stress involved in deploying other larger inspection ROVs.  Quality and power are not lost as the efficient brushless thrusters can pull long lengths of small diameter tether through small diameter pipes or inlets. With up to 600 m (2,000 ft) of tether, your range is vast.

Getting into tight spaces or culverts is easy as the maximum diameter of the VideoRay is no more than 25.4 cm (12 in).  The VideoRay can and will go places few other ROVs can access.

Engineers and security personnel will gain valuable insight into the structure while noticing immediate payback on their small investment.