The MATE (Marine Advanced Technology Education) Center's mission is to help prepare America's future workforce for ocean-related occupations. The MATE Center utilizes information from employers to improve and develop educational programs with a focus on marine technology.

The Center focuses on community college education and creating strong links between community colleges and high schools, technical schools, four year institutions, research institutions, and industry, government, military, and labor organizations.  The highlight of the year for MATE is the MATE ROV Competition which holds both a regional and a national event annually. 

VideoRay strongly believes in fostering marine robotics education and has become proudly involved with supporting MATE and the ROV Competition.  Each year VideoRay employees and consultants participate in the regional and national events by judging, assisting in logistics, and more importantly by providing an underwater view and video record of the action with VideoRay ROVs.

VideoRay also supports the robotics teams and institutions by offering used tether and polycarbonate domes for their projects at a drastically reduced price.

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