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 Since purchasing their VideoRay Pro 4 ROV System earlier this year, the Burleigh County Sheriff's Department reports that their ROV has helped them respond to underwater searches more quickly, efficiently, and safely.  The Dive Rescue and Recovery Team, which is responsible for overseeing and responding to underwater emergencies in Burleigh County, North Dakota, purchased the VideoRay Pro 4 ROV and BlueView multibeam imaging sonar with a grant from the Department of Emergency Services.

Burleigh County investigator Ron Mehrer called the VideoRay ROV "a valuable asset in recovering bodies and evidence that's dumped in the waterways," especially because it reduces the amount of time divers have to spend in the strong currents of the Missouri River.

The Burleigh County Dive Rescue and Recovery Team completed training on their ROV system in May, but has continued to practice with their system every month.  Thanks to regular practice, Mehrer estimated that the team could respond to an emergency within 30 minutes

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