Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

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Recent EOD training renews operational ROV skills in hull inspection and mine clearance

VideoRay recently conducted ongoing training for a Navy unit responsible for search and identification missions in and around key shipping lanes and facilities such as ports and canals. The unit involved has owned VideoRay equipment for some time, but recurrent training is critical as new members of the team replace experienced operators.

Part of their mission is to conduct hull searches of high risk ships and harbor areas. They also do mine clearance operations by scanning areas, then ground truthing the area with a VideoRay ROV. This unit deploys in advance of the EOD experts, and helps establish the area of operations and scope of effort for them. VideoRays are just one technology tool in their arsenal, which includes using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV’s,) and Side Scan Sonar. In conjunction with their VideoRay Pro series Remotely Operated Vehicles, they utilize Desert Star Shiphull positioning systems and BlueView Technologies multibeam sonar.

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Images from the recent training class:

EOD Mobile Setup

Multiple VideoRay ROV systems make for quick and efficient hull inspections. Photo: Steve Van Meter

EOD Quick Launch

The lightweight ROV is quickly deployed for a pier inspection. Photo: Steve Van Meter


The X-Men. Photo: Steve Van Meter

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