Each serial number contains the letter that represents


J – Pro 4

•Year built

•Number built that year.


The Serial Number will be located

between the vertical motor and ROV whip


If Serial Number decal is unreadable or missing, follow these directions to locate your Serial Number:

In VideoRay Cockpit, the Engine Room button opens the engine room window. The engine room provides diagnostics information, firmware management and advanced systems tuning.

The left hand side of the Engine Room window provides status information including thruster status, raw compass and pressure readings and power supply status. There is also a display of the firmware version, internal humidity, system run time and communications timing.


Hovering your mouse over the Board ID will display a pop-up window with more details.

 The Engine Room status will not be available if the ROV is not connected, or if there is a communications problem showing in the ROV Health instrument.

 The ROV must be warmed up and the electronics stabilized in order to obtain accurate status readings in the Engine room. If the ROV is cold, the readings may not be reliable. ROV warm up time will depend upon ambient conditions, but should not take any more than a few minutes, except in extremely cold conditions.