Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

EdgeDiveTech.com manufactures the Edge Detector, a high performance Pulse Induction metal detector for small ROVs.

edgeDetectorVideoRay welcomes EdgeDiveTech.com to VIPS 2011, the Wolrd’s Largest Micro-ROV Conference, to display their Edge Detector metal detector designed specifically for the VideoRay Pro 3 and Pro 4 ROV systems. Attendees at VIPS 2011 will have the opportunity to use the ROV with Metal Detector in a variety of situations during the afternoon hands-on sponsor demonstrations. Sales representatives will also be available from EdgeDiveTech.com to answer any questions you may have.

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The Edge Detector is a high performance Pulse Induction metal detector that can be attached to almost any ROV, but is specifically designed for the VideoRay Pro 3 and Pro 4. Pulse induction technology allows it to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects on or beneath the ocean floor while ignoring minerals in the seabed. The remote metal detector locates and tracks underwater pipelines, finds missing tools and dredge parts, locates weapons and unexploded ordnance, and finds lost treasure.

The system utilizes a single coil encased in potting compound and attached to the underwater vehicle with a corrosion-proof Delrin frame. The frame provides a sturdy mount for the coil and positions it out in front of the ROV so as not to be affected by the ROV’s metal parts. The coil produces a detection envelope which extends up to 5 feet below the detector. The sleek, low profile coil design minimizes drag and weight on the ROV. The entire system slides into the Pro 3/Pro 4 manipulator clamping bracket, allowing extremely rapid deployment. The system has two LED’s that protrude out of the potting compound. The red LED has a constant blink rate that tells you the system is working properly, and the blue LED blinks with a varying rate when metal is detected. The system can be used on any ROV that has a 12-48v accessory port.


Depth Rating: 300 meters
Power Consumption: 500mAh
Voltage: 12v-48v
Detection Range: 2 Meters
Metals detected: Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Gold, Silver
Buoyancy: Neutral in sea water

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