The VideoRay ROV has quickly become the tool of choice for both pre-salvage and salvage surveys and small recoveries around the world. The ROV can be rapidly mobilized to assess damages in the aftermath of disasters to give salvage companies an edge in documentation, decommissioning assessments, estimating accurately to bid and win the job, and environmental impact assessments.

Lately VideoRay ROVs have been saving the day with recovering lost, important, and expensive equipment that has gone overboard or failed to surface on its own as designed. Sonar arrays, hydrophones, sleds, small airplanes (yes, small airplanes), and other items of value. Usually a recovery line is sent down on the ROV with a quick release apparatus that can be run through a load bearing part of the item, secured, and released.  Sometimes the kevlar reinforced tether is enough to manually lift the item after getting a good grip with the manipulator arm.