It's tough to argue that piloting a VideoRay ROV isn't just flat out fun. It's even tougher to argue that watching that 500 pound billfish you just landed getting reeled in isn't the coolest thing ever. From the salon of your sport fishing yacht to the tip of your bass boat, VideoRay is perfect for checking out the action at your favorite fishing holes.

VideoRay is also perfect for a night of entertaining on your luxury yacht. Send down the VideoRay to get a glimpse of the reef or the local marine life population - it's guaranteed that you will have a difficult time getting the kids off the controls!

The VideoRay is also an ideal tool for safety inspections of your anchor stability, mooring security, and hull and prop condition.      

For wreck or recreational SCUBA diving, the VideoRay can scout sites down to 305 m (1,000 ft) without wasting valuable bottom time while identifying potential hazards, visibility, and current conditions.

Attach a sonar to the VideoRay for target location, then send the VideoRay in for a closer look or even penetrate tight small or dangerous parts of the wreck - all while leaving the wreck undisturbed. You can also get to the wreck faster by following the high visibility yellow tether to the site. Check out the VideoRay Wreck Survey Channel for several fascinating wrecks filmed by VideoRay ROVs.