Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

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Fast Distribution for Remotely Operated Vehicle Users

VideoRay LLC, the US-based manufacturer of the world’s smallest commercial ROV (remotely operated vehicle), has formed a subsidiary European support center based in Southampton, England. In addition to providing distribution for its European agents, VideoRay (Europe) Ltd. will provide local support and repair for users of the VideoRay2000 and VideoRay Pro within the EU.

VideoRay opened the office to answer global demand for its VideoRay, from aquaculture businesses in Norway and Chile, to underwater surveying companies in England, and dive teams in Kuwait, to dive chartering outfits in St. Thomas.

Companies interested in distributing VideoRay within the EU can see the equipment demonstrated at Underwater Intervention (Tampa, Florida); DEMA (New Orleans, Louisiana); Hydro2001 (Norwich, England); and OI Americas 2001 (Miami, Florida) in coming months.