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VideoRay Accessory Support Statement

VideoRay is happy to help our customers succeed, but our support resources need to be focused on products our customers have purchased from us. Products purchased from others should be supported by the vendors that sold them.

For accessory product normally supported by VideoRay, but purchased from other vendors, we will provide one hour of complementary integration support through phone or email as a secondary priority. After this one-hour-per-vehicle limit is reached, further support will be at our normal billable rate.

If hardware of any kind is needed to mount or cable an accessory, these can be quoted by our sales department.

For accessories that we do not normally support, we will open an engineering support project if requested. The non-recurring-engineering estimate will be provided and the work begun after we receive a purchase order from the customer that can be accepted by our accounting department. This will be coordinated by the appropriate salesperson and a representative of the engineering department.


VideoRay Policy on Supplying and Configuring Your Own Computer

Please contact our Technical Support Department with any questions regarding our laptop or software options before attempting to purchase or service one.

1.      Purchase our pre-configured laptop: Dell (Windows 10 64 bit) 

      Includes: (the cost of the package reflects the items included)

·        Our entire software package for operation.

·        Tilt mount and cabling included for installation.

·        Full VideoRay product support and manufacturer warranty coverage.  

2.      Our Laptop and Software Specifications

These are the current specifications required:           

·        Windows 7 or 10 Professional (64 bit)

o   English based

·        Software Notes:

o   Cockpit isn’t supported for Windows XP, 8, MAC, Unix, or Linux based laptops

·        Intel based processor of a i5 or higher            

·        8 GB RAM or higher

·        AMD FirePro 5170M Graphics or higher

·        256 GB SSD or higher

·        2 external USB ports or more

·        VGA or Mini Display port required

·        Ethernet port

·        The Windows user account must be named VideoRay and be set as an Administrator

o   Failure to do this could result in the Cockpit or our 3rd party accessory software to improperly function.


Note that previously sold computers with the Pro 4 model will have a manufacturer specification that might not function properly with a newer Cockpit or Operating System upgrade.

These are the only supported OS, bit version, processor, and Cockpit software for each model:

  • Panasonic CF-19
    • Windows XP (32 bit) with a Core Duo processor – Cockpit 2013
    • Windows 7 (32 bit) with i5 processor – Cockpit 2018
  • Dell M4600, M4700, and M4800
    • Windows 7 (64 bit) with i5 processor – Cockpit 2018
  • Dell 7510 and 7520
    • Windows 7 and or 10 (64 bit) with i5 processor – Cockpit 2018

3.      Tilt Mount and Cabling 

Our current tilt mount is only designed to fit with the Dell Precision 7530, so purchasing a laptop outside of this model will result in an incompatibility between the two items. 

·        In the past, VideoRay had sold the Dell M4600, M4700, and M4800, so an older tilt mount might be part of your system.

·        Each of those mounts are also model specific. Also note that we’re unable to offer the older tilt mounts if an issue arises with that model.

·        The cable orientation and routing are designed specifically to the laptops we use. This would apply to the USB, VGA, Mini Display, and Ethernet cable.

·        VideoRay will not be able to support incompatibles between a user-sourced computer and our system if the cabling doesn't function properly.

4.  Software Availability 

The software and drivers that apply to VideoRay products and VideoRay integrated 3rd party accessories can be downloaded from our website.  Please note the applicability and limitations associated with each download.

Cockpit Software and Prerequisites required for operation:

  • VideoRay Cockpit 2018 Software
    • Cockpit 2018 is required for any Windows 10 based computers but will also function on Windows 7. 
  • Video Capture Device (Digital Video Source Driver)
    • There is a REV A and D version.
    • Verify the correct version before installing by opening the computer’s device manager while the system is connected and powered.
    • Under the sound, video, and game controllers it will say USB 2861 (A) or USB 28268 (D). 
  • Serial to USB Converter (RS-485 Sealevel Device Driver)

Support Limitations:

Any modifications made to the ROV, ICB, or Computer beyond our specifications or without VideoRay prior approval will be supported in a limited fashion.  

Our limited technical support will begin upon the first correspondence regarding the issue:

  1. VideoRay Support will provide one hour of technical assistance remotely per case.
    1. VideoRay will only address issues related to the function of the Pro 4 hardware and software.
    2. VideoRay will not be responsible for any issues in relation to faults that are a result of purchasing any computers, hardware, or software outside of our factory-based laptops stated in our policy.
    3. VideoRay will not be responsible for any issues that occur because of the servicing of computers, hardware, or software outside of our factory or a VideoRay Authorized Service Center.
    4. VideoRay will not be responsible for modifications that are performed beyond the original specifications or by a non-authorized technician.

1.      Modifications include changes to:

a.      Hardware: ROV, Control Panel, Tether, and Computer

b.      Software: Cockpit software and the Operating System

    1. VideoRay will not guarantee the functionality of any laptops sourced directly from a manufacturer or configured by an IT department.   
  1. If it’s determined that the faults are a result of a modification or improper setup, Support will make the following recommendations:
    1. The customer can leave the system in the current modified status.
    2. The system or computer can be returned to our factory for service.

                                                    i.     If a computer was originally purchased from VideoRay and then modified at any point in time, it will be required being returned to a known working configuration at the customer’s expense.

    1. A pre-configured laptop can be purchased directly from VideoRay or an authorized service center to be installed in the system to bring the system up to proper functionality.