For user manuals, please see the Manuals page.

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VideoRay Hardware Drivers

Serial to USB Converter - Use Model 2104 (required for Pro 4 control panel support) 

Vendor Link (preferred): Serial to USB Converter   

VideoRay Backup (in event vendor link is unavailable): Serial to USB Converter


Video Capture Device (required for Pro 4 control panel support)

Revision D Driver: Video Capture Device

Revsions D Firmware: Video Capture Device

Revision A Vendor Link (preferred): Video Capture Device

Revision A VideoRay Backup (in event vendor link is unavailable): Video Capture Device


GPS Antenna Driver

See the KCF Technologies link below for GPS drivers if desired.

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VideoRay Cockpit 2015 

Released May 26th, 2015 - Release 20150501

Release Specific Installation Instructions IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ BEFORE UPDATING


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Optional Configuration Files and Drivers (required only for specific options)

  Rotating Manipulator Software
  VideoRay Link: Rotating Manipulator Setup

  Lyyn Visibility Enhancement Serial Driver (requires serial interface inside control panel)
  VideoRay Link: Lyyn Serial Driver

  Tritech Micron Echosounder Altimeter
  VideoRay Link: Tritech Micron Echosounder Altimeter

  Cygnus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
  VideoRay Link: Cygnus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

  Teledyne RDI DVL (Doppler Velocity Log)
  VideoRay Link: Teledyne RDI DVL (Doppler Velocity Log)

  ROV GPS Antenna
  VideoRay Link: ROV GPS Antenna

  Laser Scaling Device
  VideoRay Link: Laser Scaling Device

  Radiation Sensor
  VideoRay Link: Radiation Sensor

  YSI Sonde
  VideoRay Link: YSI Sonde

  Lateral Thruster Configuration Set (includes hand controller configuration file)
  VideoRay Link: Lateral Thruster

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VideoRay Cockpit Custom Controller Files   

Logitech Rumblepad: Pilot/Gamer vertical control

VideoRay Controller: Reverse vertical control  

VideoRay Controller: Rotate joystick for left and right control

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BlueView ProViewer Sonar  

Download from BlueView Technologies (see links on the site)

PLEASE NOTE: Proviewer 4.0 and later is not compatible with S1 sonars (S2 and S3 sonars will have stickers on the rear of the head)

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KCF Technologies Smart Tether  

Download from KCF Technologies (see links on the site)

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Tritech SeaSprite Sonar (uses Micron software)  

Download from Tritech (see links on the site)


Remote Support


Remote Support - Let us take the wheel! 

VideoRay now offers REMOTE SUPPORT to diagnose and correct problems.