Tethered unit prevents risk to divers; Stays underwater for hours; Safely operated and transported by a single person

VideoRay Inc. announced today the VideoRay Pro, a new portable-power, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for underwater inspections and projects. Weighing just eight pounds, VideoRay costs a fraction of the price of other ROVs for commercial use. VideoRay Pro is on display in booth #1022 at HydroVision 2000.

Using VideoRay Pro, inspectors can observe trash cages, vessel hulls, props, bridges, dams, water tanks, pipelines, pilings, and docks without the expense and hazard of diving. VideoRay is easily deployed from a small vessel. Simply drop the compact VideoRay sub and tether into the water and start exploring from the safety of the boat or dock. Because VideoRay can sustain in temperatures ranging from 32 to 122 degrees F or 0-40 degrees C for hours, it stays underwater long after humans would have to surface.

VideoRay can pay for itself by quickly reducing the cost and need for larger boats and mobilization to support an ROV. VideoRay is much easier to handle and more convenient than other ROVs, which require large generators, special transport, and more space on the vessel. Starting at $14,000 (US dollars), VideoRay Pro is considerably less than other commercial ROVs.

Using the control box and joystick, the operator guides the tethered unit to depths up to 500 feet – all while preventing unnecessary risk to divers. On the monitor hooked to the control box, you see what VideoRay sees through its video eye. VideoRay can stay underwater for hours running on AC power or a battery with an inverter. The size of the VideoRay sub allows it to explore areas that divers have difficulty reaching. VideoRay keeps divers away from dangerous areas and moving parts, such lock gates.

Similar in operation to a computer video game, VideoRay Pro has a control box with a joystick and simple controls. Text or graphical video overlay (Genlock) of compass, depth, and date/time are also available. For stability and study, the auto-depth feature lets VideoRay Pro stay at the desired operating depth. This lets the user focus on objects underwater instead of on operation of VideoRay Pro.

With two optional manipulators, VideoRay Pro can pick up and retrieve objects with agility. Manipulators are offered in multiple jaw shapes and sizes and can be mounted to the VideoRay sub, transporters, or extendible boom poles.

VideoRay Pro is an effective tool for remote radiation level monitoring. The optional Amp-100 sensor provides the operator with real time radiation level reading from 10mR/Hr to 1000 R/hr. VideoRay Pro also has an optional scientific data gathering capability available with an oceanographic sensor package to observe the ocean where and when you need the data.

The average adult can understand basic operation in five minutes. For greater control, four hours of learning time are recommended. Just 14 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 8.5 inches high, VideoRay Pro is contained in two rugged, waterproof Pelican cases that are easily carried by hand.