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In addition to the standard installation procedures required for VideoRay Cockpit software updates, which can be found at:, this release requires some additional procedures.

It is recommended that you uninstall any prior version of VideoRay Cockpit before upgrading to this release.

Additional Installation Requirements

This release includes updates to several underlying prerequisites. These include hardware drivers and additional software. The hardware drivers can be downloaded from the Software Downloads page. Other software prerequisite updates will be installed automatically when running the installation program. Make sure to run setup.exe, not the .msi, to have these prerequisite updates installed.

To install updated documentation, download and run

Installation support of accessories continues to be a separate requirement in this release.

KCF Smart Tether: After running setup.exe to install VideoRay Cockpit, you will need to run Setup_CockpitAccessory_KCF_Smarttether_1_0_0.msi (.msi is correct in this case), which is included in the installation set. This is only required if you have or plan to use the KCF Smart Tether system.

Feature Change Highlights includes a list of the new features and capabilities included in this release.

Reminder - Do not forget to update the ROV firmware and set and store the new Engine Room factory defaults after updating the topside software. See the documentation page for details.

This build release includes new firmware (pro4_2_7_12.hex) to support the most recent version of the compass board. This firmware is NOT compatible with older compasses. If used with an older compass, it will not damage anything, but the compass will not work properly and the ROV will need to be reverted to older firmware (pro4_2_6_6.hex). If you are installing this software on an ROV with an older compass, you should use the older firmware (pro4_2_6_6.hex), which is also included in this installation set. See the images below to identify which type of compass you have. This board can be seen through the rear dome.



Use Firmware Pro4_2_7_12.hex


Use Firmware Pro4_2_6_6.hex

Pro 4 New Compass Pro 4 Old Compass