The VideoRay Remote Support Tool enables VideoRay support staff to remotely connect to your computer and control it in order to help diagnose and correct computer relates issues. For remote support, your computer must be connected to the Internet, and you must contact VideoRay Support before a session can be initiated.


  1. Contact VideoRay Support via one of the following methods:


Telephone: (+1-610-458-3000, option 1)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Include a proposed time (including your time zone) for the session and await confirmation from VideoRay


    1. VideoRay Support will send you an email with a link.
    2. Click on the link in the email, which will open a web page in your browser.
    3. Click on the OK button on the web page, and then allow the Java program to run. (You may need to update Java).
    4. VideoRay Support will now be able to remotely control your computer...